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Published :

Debut novel,  “Annie Logan” – Published 2009.

“The Quest of Miss Postlethwaite” – Published  2014.

 Two children’s’ books  – Published 2014.

“The Mill Owners” – a trilogy – Published 2015-2017

“An Australian Dream” – Published 2017

“Candle Trees”-Published 2019

“Stolen Moment”-Published 2019


Short Stories:

Two short stories for middle school children published in separate compilations.



My publishing company:  Writzend Publishing.


Articles :

An article relating to my  experiences of self-publishing appeared in Women’s Writer Magazine.

Creuse News magazine invited me to write an article about my writing career and a brief background of my life in France. 

I wrote of my experience living on the black mountain high above the Hereford village of Hay-on-Wye, the famous Town of Books, for the local magazine, Borderlines.

A couple of articles have been written for SWWJ magazine. The latest one published in 2019



A poetry book co-written with my brother and illustrated by my husband, “Scribbling Siblings” – Published 2009.

A poem about one of my rescued Donkeys “Toffee” appeared in the Donkey Breed Society magazine in 2001. 

Several poems have been published in various compilations.


Radio Interview:

Interviewed on local radio in France in 2009


Work in Progress

 Cold Dawn at Niva River

Outline Synopsis


This Historical Novel is set in late eighteen hundred Russia and tells a tale about a family divided .

Taras and Eva Kadinsky work at the Saint Petersburg State Health Care Establishment; Eva as a senior nurse and Taras as a leading surgeon. Neither have time for their children, Zara and Andrei, who are brought up by an overbearing nanny, Olga Frantsev.

Zara takes up teaching as a career but soon learns that the changes in the Russian education system are conspiring to force her out. She is compelled to find another path to follow.

Andrei, restless, works in several mundane jobs, until one day he decides to take the opportunity afforded him. He begins work at the same hospital as his parents, as a research assistant to a top psychiatrist. However,  he decides his experiments need further investigation and takes his research to another level. The ‘Board’ however, forbids him to carry out ceratin tests, but Andrei thinks he knows best and unforunately finds himself in deep water.

Iven Volodin, a Russian Baron pursues Zara Kadinsky in an unorhodox manner, leading to an unusual outcome.





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